Welcome Parents

What is your greatest hope for your son?


·      He graduates.

·      He graduates with a strong resume.

·      He grows up happy.

·      He is respected by his peers.

·      He continues the legacy which you have prepared him for.

College can be the intersection of hopes and fears in life.  Short term pleasure and temptations often compete with college success and post-college career goals.

Your list of hopes for your son probably did not include being a "frat guy".  We agree. Being a "frat guy" is easy — but being a "fraternity man" is difficult, but much more rewarding!

We realize that 18 to 22 year old males usually do not need guidance on how to have fun —it comes naturally. However, we do realize that leadership, ethical behavior, and people skills are critical to a young man’s personal development and each takes a little more effort, planning, thought, and guidance.

DKE offers its members tremendous leadership development programs not available to the average college or university undergraduate. DKE's leadership programs provides tools and programming for our members to develop the same leadership skills that America’s most well-respected corporations and leaders offer to their top executives.

Joining the Greek Community will enhance your son's experience at UT Austin.  Take the time to research our values, history and mission and see if it aligns with your family's values and your hopes for your son.  We are confident that your son will benefit from a Greek experience, and especially the DKE Experience!

We know that your son has made a lot of very important decisions about his future in the past few months, and choosing to join or not join a fraternity is as important as any of them.  To help allay your concerns, we have compiled a list of the questions most frequently asked by parents and guardians.



Parents Organization

Parents and guardians are not only invited, but urged, to get involved with DKE as members of the chapter’s Parent’s Club. This is a new initiative at Omega Chi and we hope that you can help your sons experience in any means possible. The chapter and its alumni will be initiating the formation of a club to complement the work of volunteer alumni officers and provide another level of support, advice and counsel to your son and all chapter brothers.  The role of a Parents Club is to provide parents and guardians of chapter members with regular communication regarding the activities and accomplishments of the chapter and its members.  The Parents Club will also schedule weekend programs to bring parents and guardians together with their sons to meet other parents and guardians.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will he have time to study, and will the fraternity have an effect on grades?

Your son will have time to study with the fraternity. During the week, we set aside study hours in the evening where the brothers will get together in the library and study. During this session, your son will have an opportunity to get academic help from our brothers if he needs it; we are always willing to help out with academic issues when needed. Additionally, our scholarship chairman keeps track of grades for each individual brother and continually insures their academic success. These steps will help insure that we will have a positive impact on your son's grades. If you son is willing to put forth the effort, we have confidence that your son's grades will be higher, especially compared to someone who is not in DKE.

Aren't all fraternities like Animal House?

No. Don't believe everything you see in the movies. The Greek system can do a lot of positive things for the community and for your son. Greek students often get higher grades than students who live in the residence halls or in individual apartments, and Greek students have a higher retention and graduation rate. A fraternity could also help your son develop leadership skills and life-long friendships. Also, the Greek community helps the entire community by sponsoring philanthropy and community service projects. Being Greek can help you to become a well-rounded person and that's what employers want to see.


Will it help my son become a better man?

DKE promotes a well-rounded lifestyle. So, if your son takes advantage of the beneficial activities that DKE offers, he will become a better man as a result of his membership in DKE. The Fraternity also strives to provide leadership training and opportunities within the chapter and by promoting each brother’s active involvement in campus and community clubs and organizations.


Will I have opportunities to be involved in my son's college experience?

Absolutely! The fraternity hosts events of its own during UT Austin's parents weekend. During this weekend, you'll get a chance to meet those who are involved with the fraternity, including undergraduate brothers, alumni, and chapter advisers. You'll also get a chance to participate in events with the fraternity in addition to events that the university is hosting.  Other than these events, parents and family members are welcome to stop by at any time.


What if I still have questions?

If you have questions or feel uncomfortable about any of this, please contact the leadership board at dkeomegachi@chapterspot.com or you can contact our International Headquarters directly at www.dke.org.  We would love to address your concerns and will be very honest with any questions you have for us.  Thank you.