Thinking about joining a fraternity?

There is a lot to consider, but here are some of the reasons why we think you might make the decision to pledge to become a Brother of Delta Kappa Epsilon.


What is Deke rush?

At the beginning of each semester, we hold events such as meet & greets, dinners, parties, sports nights, and other activities to give you a chance to get to know our brothers and figure out what we're about. Joining a fraternity is a big decision but just about every active will tell you that joining Deke was the start of the best time of their lives. First off, Deke's by definition are gentleman with high standards, ideals, and like to have a good time. Even if you don't rush Deke, we'll show you how to make the most of your time in college and push you to extend your social and professional networks. In addition, due to the decline of Greek life over the last twenty years, we believe it is now more important than ever to support our fellow fraternities and sororities in building a successful Greek community. We also want you to know that each and every fraternity at UT has a great and very specific experience to offer those whom join them. However, we are men of vision and if you give us the chance, we'll impress upon you the same ideals and character traits that have produced more President's and Fortune 500 Founders & CEO's than any other fraternity today. Due to our very high expectations of our Dekes, we limit colleges that we expand to to include only the world's top tier universities, as well as interview and take in a limited number of applicants each year.

Why rush DKE?

"Friends from the heart, forever." That is the motto of Delta Kappa Epsilon, founded at Yale in 1844. True to the motto, we Dekes have strong bonds of brotherhood, despite our diverse backgrounds. Equal parts of the gentleman, scholar, and jolly good-fellow are the makings of every Deke.


Throughout rush, you will encounter a wide variety of fraternities, each with their own special promise as to why they are for you. We at DKE don't feel as though we have to make promises as to what we will be; rather, we feel that you should see us as we are.


DKE is much more than a social club to its members. It is a chance to make close friends with whom you will remain close throughout your life. But most importantly it is a chance to realize perhaps the four greatest years of your life. 


After you have heard the rumors and stories, come see what makes us what we are.


What does it mean to be a Deke at the University of Texas?

We are a fraternity focused on maintaining a rich tradition of brotherhood, rewarding social life and academic success. We believe that each Deke should profit from his association with his brothers, and we strive to create an atmosphere that makes this possible, both as a student and an alumnus.


Our chapter is unique at UT in that we concentrate on quality over quantity. Other fraternities aim for  high numbers so that they can make more money. We only look for true "friends from the heart." At DKE functions, you will never run into a brother and not remember his name. You could say we are more and always will be "tight-knit." Many of our current re-founders rushed other fraternities originally but weren't happy with the current state of Greek life at UT, much like the original founders of DKE at Yale. One of the major reason's we chose DKE was that we found that the larger the chapter size at UT, the more members don't actually know each other. In addition, it becomes an organization that's only goal is for men to pool money together for the "biggest party", rather than meet the actual expectation and role of a true fraternity; which is to make young men into true gentlemen. 


Tell me about the Deke House

Over the past decade, the need to upgrade and expand has been on every fraternities mind. Luckily for the Omega Chi chapter we have had the unique opportunity in owning two properties in the past. When the chapter was closed by International DKE a few years ago, the funds were placed in a trust for future properties. We are currently looking for a property and have the resources to acquire one. Once a property is acquired, living arrangements for active members within the chapter will be given at a competitive rate in rent.

What kind of contacts can I build with DKE?

In addition to making friends that last a lifetime, you will have access to an unbelievably large network that can produce numerous career and personal opportunities. In addition, membership in DKE provides access to the exclusive Yale Club of New York. The famous club is only accessible to members of DKE and Yale Alumni.


Do you guys just party all the time?

No. Because Delta Kappa Epsilon is a social fraternity, many people have taken that to mean a "partying" fraternity. DKE has created a fraternity that defines "social" not simply as parties and celebration, but rather one in which celebrations and parties are the rewards for our successes. Personally as a chapter, we don't like the idea of being called a "social fraternity." While we host various events, philanthropies, volunteer projects, and socials; what makes us different from other organizations is that our goal is not specifically philanthropy but to make young men into well rounded gentlemen. We want our men to be able to put DKE on their resume and talk not only about the great social events but all of the philanthropic events and service they provided to their community.


How will pledging affect my grades?

For the better. We hold mandatory study halls for new members to ensure grades don't slip. We also assign each new member a big brother to help him adjust to college living, a full academic workload and fraternity life. In addition, our specific diversity in college majors and high GPA requirements compared to the rest of Greek life, allows us to pair pledges to big brothers in their fields of concentration.


Where does the money from my dues go?

Members of our chapter pay very reasonable dues, which are necessary for maintenance and upkeep of our house (repairs, taxes, utilities, etc.), liability insurance, membership materials for each brother, and for organizing some of the best events on campus. Our current active dues are $3007 per year ($300 per month plus DKE International dues).

New pledges can expect to pay-

A one time $25 pledge fee that covers pledge materials as well as their pledge pin (due at the beginning of pledge-ship), a one-time initiation fee for lifetime membership of $275 (due before initiation), monthly dues of $300 (due on the first of each month), a yearly billing fee of $32, a yearly insurance fee of $150, and annual DKE International dues of $125. This totals out to $1957 in your pledging semester and a much cheaper $1350 in the following semester.

Obligations of Individuals

For All Pledge MembersOne-time Fees

$25 Pledging Fee

o Non-refundable and due immediately upon accepting a membership bid, the initial investment in the DKE experience. In exchange, DKE International provides a DKE Pledge Pin for each man as well as a bound, laminated Pledge Manual.

$275 Initiation Fee

o Refundable upon unsuccessful pledging or Initiation experience. Due 10 business days after successful Initiation, the fee for life-time membership in Delta Kappa Epsilon. In exchange, DKE International furnishes an engraved Membership Pin and Membership Scroll. Margins are invested in the betterment of our undergraduate chapters and colonies through consulting services.

All Pledge Members - $300 Total - Pledging and Initiation fees are the responsibility of all Dekes, paid once for life-time membership.

For All Initiated UndergraduatesAnnual Dues

$125 Annual Membership Dues (waived for Founders in 1st Year)

o Membership dues directly support the services of the Fraternity, including consulting and educational programs, chapter management resources, leadership experiences, networking services, as well as the overhead in running our small business. Your dues help to sustain and grow North America’s finest Fraternity.

$150 Risk-Management Dues

o The amount each American undergraduate pays for insurance coverage and the risk-management educational programming of DKE International. Unfortunately, the reality of fraternity operations sometimes includes accidents that result in injury. Our DKE chapters need protection and would not be able to exist otherwise. Your payment helps us to protect you and your chapter in the case of an accident or an injury and supports our educational efforts to reduce risk and prevent harm.

$32 DEKEPay Fee

o DEKEPay is a simple financial services program which provides your chapter with tools to manage your dues and improve budgets through financial accountability.

So how do I go about rushing DKE?

It's simple. If you have any questions about our fraternity, or just want to know what we're doing this weekend, feel free to sign up. Our Rush Chairman will contact you and answer any questions you may have. In addition, feel free to reach out to any of our officers.