Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

When assessing potential new members, Dekes look for the Three Qualities of a Deke-the Gentleman, Scholar, and the Jolly Good-Fellow. However, personal development does not stop at those three qualities. Delta Kappa Epsilon strives hard to ensure that, by the end of a new member education period, our initiates are fully qualified for membership as stated in the DKE constitution.

Article V, Section II of the DKE Constitutions states:

"The qualifications for membership of an eligible student shall be good standing in the work of the curriculum, excellence in scholarship being a worthy recommendation, high moral character, general affability and consideration for the rights and views of others, courteous deportment, a gentlemanly and self-respecting spirit, an active and energetic character, and an appreciation of the objects and principles of DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, coupled with a capability and desire to be loyal thereto. No Chapter shall consider the race, creed, color, or national origin of an eligible student in pledging and initiating into membership in DELTA KAPPA EPSILON."

In short, Delta Kappa Epsilon requires that each of its members meet the qualifications for membership described above and employs supportive, educational new member development programs to reach that end. We DO NOT consider the race, creed, color, or national origin of an eligible student in new member selection, in new member development, or initiation into membership of Delta Kappa Epsilon. We welcome every eligible man!

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